Our Story

How it All Began

In 1978 “Fast Eddie” moved to Amarillo Texas. The first thing the locals said to him was – “slow down and try some real Bar-B-Que!” He liked it so much he stayed for 5 years and learned the trade.
When he returned to Port Washington he was determined to bring real BBQ to Long Island not as a large restaurant but as a Roadhouse similar to what he was accustomed to back in Texas.
In 1984 we fired up the smoker and opened the doors inside a 100 year old building on Port Washington Blvd. Delicious smoked brisket and pulled pork had come to the Island. As well as fresh meats grilled over Hickory wood.


Old Commercial for Hickory’s BBQ

This commercial aired in 2010 on local news channels and in local movie theaters all year, the exterior is different and food prices are outdated.



Hickory’s BBQ on Restaurant Hunters

Hickory’s BBQ was also featured on Verizon’s Fios1News show Restaurant Hunter, filmed in late 2017 and aired in early 2018.